Being a Black Writer in Hollywood ft. WGAW Committee of Black Writers Chairs (Michelle Amor, Hilliard Guess, Bianca Sams) (PT181)


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Alex and Nick invite the Chairs of the WGAW Committee of Black Writers, Michelle Amor (Playin' for Love, Of Boys and Men, The Honorable), Hilliard Guess (Deadly Class, We Got Issues, Ticker), and Bianca Sams (Charmed, The Originals, Training Day), to have an in-depth discussion about systematic racism and injustice in the entertainment industry towards Black writers, representation in and out of the writers' room, plus various ways TV writers and professionals of all levels can be part of the solution. NOTE: We recorded this episode remotely so please excuse some minor audio glitches. Links Open Letter by the WGAW Committee of Black Writers (PDF) WGA Inclusion Report 2020 (PDF) WGAW Committee of Black Writers on Facebook Michelle Amor on Twitter Hilliard Guess on Twitter Bianca Sams on Twitter If you enjoy Paper Team, please consider supporting us on Patreon at! :) Special thanks to Alex Switzky for helping us edit this episode. You can find Paper Team on Twitter: Alex - @TVCalling Nick - @_njwatson For any questions, comments or feedback, you can e-mail us:

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