226: Wired for Disruption—5 Agility Shifts with Henna Inam


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Henna Inam is on a mission to impact one million people by 2030, partly by helping us “Marie Kondo our mindset.” In this episode, you’ll learn about the five shifts in agility we can all make and the antidote to burnout, starting with our built-in neuro-emotional capability for resilience and collaboration. She is the CEO of Transformational Leadership Inc., a company that helps Fortune 500 organizations grow transformational leaders. A former C-suite executive, Henna drove transformation throughout her corporate career before pivoting toward coaching. She is the author of Wired for Authenticity, and a new forthcoming book, Wired for Disruption: Five Shifts in Agility to Lead in the Future of Work (available June 1). Get show notes from this episode at http://pivotmethod.com/226

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