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This is our podcast. It was originally on YouTube because our content could be hosted there for free. We like to talk over movies. By 'talk over movies' we don't intend some alternate way of saying 'we do movie commentaries'. It's more like we talk about anything in particular while some movie plays in the background. We are providing a service here. With technology being what it is, a near perfect theatre experience is easily recreated in the comfort of ones own home. However, a certain aspect of this experience has yet to be incorporated. What we’re talking about of course is the sound of pretentious loud-mouths sitting near you uttering unvetted opinions about all things topical and not, sometimes even talking about the movie itself, completely ignorant of proper social decorum. That’s where we come in. Simply sync up our audio tracks to the film in question and BOOM! you’ve just immersed yourself in the perfect theatre going experience (minor annoyances now included!)! You're Welcome. __

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