Hacking Humans, with Charlotte Wilkinson, Hello Sister - Part 2


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In part 2 of our discussion, we delve into Charlotte's 'hacks' for deeper human understanding and insight generation, particularly when it comes to women, including:

  • How challenging, more empathetic approaches are necessary to get to the heart of women's lives: removing the one-way mirror, not just telling but showing life looks like (see pizza nights with Chinese teens)
  • The implications of working with female vs male researchers (and clients)
  • Charlotte’s focus on being involved across the planning cycle - not just upfront ideas, but striving to ensure the execution isn’t overriding the nuances of the prevailing insights and conveying women appropriately
  • How life-stage is an even more critical lens for understanding women through
  • And with political and social structures failing, where brands can play a bigger role in championing related social causes

Plus we discuss the birth of Side by Side, and how insights experience translated into a timely opportunity to help clients change behaviour and embed diversity and inclusion in all they do: from recruitment to training and HR policy. Which, in an Asian context, often means re-assessing the suitability of globally developed practices.

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