An honest view of PR with Shimon Cohen


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In this episode, Mike talks to Shimon Cohen - Founder and Chairman of The PR Office. Shimon is a rarity in the PR world: someone who actually seems proud to be doing PR! While most agencies seem to be busy trying to reinvent themselves as 'digital influencers' or 'content strategists' or 'insight specialists' or 'strategic consultants', Shimon provides clients with "what they actually want" - which, in his view, is always either to be in the news or out of the news. To be talked about. Or to get people to stop talking about them.
In his varied career, Shimon has advised a wide range of clients ranging from Governments and multinational corporations to public and voluntary sector organisations. Prior to founding The PR Office in 2004, Shimon served as Chief Executive of Bell Pottinger Public Relations and before that Shimon was Executive Director at The Office of the then Chief Rabbi, Lord Jakobovits.
In one memorable story, Shimon recounts how he came to write a speech for Nelson Mandela and then advise Madiba on how to deliver it!

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