An Old Deal for an Emerald Isle


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Show Notes

Also Happening: Irish Government Formation

FFG want to eat their vegetables but as part of an otherwise meat heavy diet

The actual programme for government:

Some issues which are well articulated by GP finance spokesperson Neasa Hourigan:

  • All of the financial modelling assumes Brexit and the economy will be totally fine, any deviation will likely be used as an excuse to backtrack on any social programs, healthcare and ding ding ding, the environment

  • The program implies there will be a 7% emission reduction will be every year compounded... but its an average which she thinks is a clear attempt to miss the target every year of the government (5yr) and claim they're going make up for it later when you re-elect them (

  • Housing isn't well dealt with properly

  • The taxation stuff is probably the worst bit: "In doing so, we will focus any tax rises on those taxes which tax behaviours with negative externalities such as carbon tax, sugar tax, plastics, etc."

"medium-term roadmap detailing how Ireland will reduce the deficit and return to a broadly balanced budget."

Sounds to me like they're ruling out tax increases on companies and high earners which can only mean cuts... So how are they going to cut emissions or increase public services Eamonn Ryan has said he thinks there's a different economic consensus now but the agreement doesn't really bare that out

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