How to Get into Deal Packaging and Do it The Right way


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‘If you want to get into property, new people can do this and make money from it’

 David is in Dublin at the Multiple Streams of Income event and is taking time out to do a ‘live’ providing a succinct overview and answering key questions about why deal packaging is an effective strategy -  whether you are new to property or already working in the property arena.

There is great content in this episode with the questions anyone who is thinking about this

as a strategy will be asking themselves.

If you want to create a business  from deal packaging or use it to generate cash flow so that you can fund and develop a different property strategy then this is well worth a listen.



  • If you are experienced in property you can develop a deal packaging business alongside your established property business to generate cash.
  • Is it a great place to start in property? – yes but do it right and find your investor first. You need to understand their criteria, wants and wishes to secure the deal they will want.
  • You have to be compliant with registration with the right organisations and insurance and you have to be able to fund your compliance.
  • Is it just for beginners? – No, it will bring cash flow to your property business. It can help you to grow the property strategy you want to pursue. If you are experienced its quicker to onboard because of your existing network and contacts.
  • Why sell on a good deal? – there are many reasons it may not be in the right location, or you may have other deals, it may not match your criteria.
  • If you want investors to work with you prove who you are to them
  • Show them you are someone they can trust, show you are a good person, reliable and enthusiastic.
  • Build your investor platform first and if someone reaches out, build a relationship with them, find out about them what are their dreams and aspirations? Can you fulfil them
  • How do you set it up? - Maybe you have set it up and nothing is happening, maybe you are 8 months in and nothing is happening. There is a well-established process and system for deal packaging. You have to follow the system and do it the right way to get the investors you want.


‘In the 70/20/10 of property, your 20 should be deal packaging’

‘We are not selling bad deals’

‘I want you to do it the right way not back to  front’

‘You can ring-fence the money from your deal packaging to use as deposits for your property strategy’


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David is a property expert with over 25 years’ experience and his own portfolio of 26 units. His current rent roll is in excess of £10k per month. He is also a partner in a Deal Sourcing and Packaging business in the North West of England and has sourced over 250 properties for investors since 2004.

In recent years he has, by necessity, had to develop an expertise in LHA strategies. This area is increasingly becoming a niche for him, and he enjoys empowering other landlords by sharing the knowledge he has gained.

The ultimate purpose when sourcing properties in this sector for investors is to minimise risk while maximising profit. He has had to find answers to the challenges of Tenant Find, Management, ensuring rents are paid and the transition to Universal Credit. These are strategies he uses in his own business and also on behalf of investors. His investor clients regularly achieve annual gross yields of over 20% with high occupancy rates and voids resolved, sometimes within hours.


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