Replay~ Dream Interpretation and Signs


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Dreaming is so full of valuable information; we heal ourselves during dreamtime, work through issues and fears during dreamtime, and sometimes simply play and visit others. Dreams are the magical and mystical language of the night. Full of symbolism and messages, understanding our dreams lead to a greater understanding of us. We have as few as three or as many as nine dreams in a night. We dream on average an hour and a half each night. Those who say they do not dream simply cannot remember their dreams. Einstein came up with his theory of relativity during dreamtime. In his dream he was riding a sled, as the sled sped faster and faster, it seemed to approach the speed of light. The stars were distorted and transformed into astonishing colors and patterns. In that moment, Einstein was profoundly aware of if the immense power of this transformation. He related that not only did this dream inspire his theory of relativity, but that his entire scientific career could be seen as an extended meditation on that particular dream

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