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Quick Hits are 10-minute conversations designed to exercise your brain by letting you listen in on an unscripted conversation to hear other people‘s thoughts on a variety of subjects. In February of 2021 I and the members of my mastermind group thought other people might enjoy listening in on some of the lively conversations we were having. But we realized that no one was going spend 90-minutes listening to us going on about anything and sometimes nothing. Instead, we decided to pick one topic and have a short conversation to share. I took the reigns because facilitating those types of conversations sounded like fun. Over the course of a few months it grew from just members of our mastermind group to four (sometimes three if schedules go sideways) people from various parts of the world and from ”short” to exactly 10-minutes. Thus was born ”Quick Hits” hosted by me, Dr Robyn. I hope to get caught up with posting them here on PodBean at some point. As of this writing, I have over 100 ”episodes.” If you‘d like to see the videos of these conversations, they are available on my YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/DrRobynQuickHits If you have a topic you‘d like to hear discussed, I encouraged you to use the contact page of my website: https://drrobynodegaard.com/ to let me know.

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