Aaron J. Leonard: The Folk Singers & The Bureau (with Randy Kaplan)


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In the first Pop Oracle divination of Gregorian 2021 ANDRAS JONES welcomes AARON J. LEONARD, the author of The Folk Singers & the Bureau to engage some synchronicity and discuss the history of American Communists during the week of Trump's attempted coup. Featuring music from STEVE POLTZ, RANDY KAPLAN, ALEX LILLY & ANDRAS JONES

The Radio8Ball Theme Song
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The Pop Oracle Song of The Day
for January 13th, 2021:
ALEX LILLY with Vikram Devasthali
Featured Music:
"Super Taco Dilemma" by STEVE POLTZ
"Wooden Arms" by RANDY KAPLAN
"Three Day Weekend" by ANDRAS JONES
Double Naught Spy Car provides the musical bed with
“The Mooche” by Duke Ellington
“In Walked Bud, Out Walked Bud” by Thelonious Monk

Thanks to Alan Green for “special projects”.
Graphics by Tony Householder
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