Episode 56 - Your Business NEEDS an App - with Jeremy Redman


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This week, we’re talking about why YOUR business NEEDS an app as we head into 2020. We’ll be chatting with Jeremy Redman, Founder and CEO of notboringbusiness.com and yourvone.com. Ever thought about how powerful it could be to reach your growing audience directly with your OWN app? No more social media algorithms to fight against…Jeremy and his team have a mission to put apps in the hands of entrepreneurs at affordable pricing so you can GROW and nurture your audience without interference. Don’t wait! Press play on this episode now to find out how this all works! Use promo code “raise” to snag 30 per cent off the monthly cost of producing your OWN app with VOne!

To connect with Jeremy, send him an email at jeremy@yourvone.com

Visit Jeremy and his team at https://yourvone.com/

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