Episode 60 - 3 Ways You’re Keeping Yourself and Your Business Stuck – with Vari Longmuir


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If you identify as a creative person who is also an entrepreneur, there is a VERY high chance that you are making some very common mistakes when it comes to the way you run your business or even get clients.

This week we’re tackling the three most common mistakes that creative entrepreneurs make that keep them stuck: stuck from growing as a business owner and stuck from creating the business they truly want.

Bringing us her expertise and wisdom is Vari Longmuir. Vari is an illustrator, artist and mindset coach to creative types. She’s worked with brands of the likes of Cadbury, Westfield and Chanel.

In her coaching practice, she helps entrepreneurial women who feel stuck to build intentional, sustainable and profitable businesses doing what they love without sacrificing what’s important to them.

So, if you’re a creative type or even just someone who feels STUCK in their business, this is the episode for you!

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