"Double Sourcin'" (with Justin & Diana Scheman)


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Michael & Logan are back for another season of episodes by finally fitting into the busy schedule of Season 27’s America’s Sweethearts Justin & Diana! In this episode:

    We put one of our regular questions to bed. Did Justin & Diana get a call for 31? We accidentally spoil something minor. What is their casting story? What would have happened if they’d been cast on Season 28? Why did BuddyTV criticise Justin & Diana? Who keeps downvoting Racers Recap? What is on Logan’s VHS tapes? Justin puts sets the rumours for 31 straight. Were there any fake visas? Did anyone bring any contraband? How did Justin & Diana know where the start line would be? What was still in the rooms during rest periods? Was it smart to go for the first flight at the Start Line? Why did they go for the Fast Forward? Is the Express Pass ever useful? Could anyone not drive? What did Tiffany & Krista bring? Logan breaks one of our cardinal rules. What happened in Argentina? Justin tries to get Logan to go it alone. Why didn’t the hat issue come up in the cathedral? Will the unborn Scheman child become a gaucho? What didn’t we see in Africa? Logan gives us a lesson on drinking foreign liquids. Justin gives us a new face cream clip. Why did Tanner & Josh fade into obscurity? Why was Justin & Diana’s first win tainted? Logan breaks a radio rule. What was different to Diana’s expectations? What was their reaction to being spat on? Should they have used the U-Turn in Africa? What does Justin hope happens in 31? Does Phil trash talk? Who was the most geographically challenged team? How would they have done with a Double-Battle? Logan burns the quickfire questions early and then tries to arrange illegal immigration. How has French rap not caught on? We find a sponsor. Why hasn’t Amazing Race been back to India since 27? We discuss visa costs. Why does Colombia hate Canada? How did Justin sneak Logan into a party? Was Tanner & Josh’s Handicap the hardest non-elimination penalty ever? Michael says a joke first. How confusing were the Hong Kong ferries? What was the most surprising thing about other teams? Did anyone get sick? How dangerous was the bungee jump? Who was the smelliest on 27? How prepared were Justin & Diana for the final memory challenges? Who else had a “what if?” moment? Were there any flight scrambles? Were Denise & James Earl that snarky? Why didn’t Logan & Chris donate all their cash to the orphanage? We get the sequel to “Shaq vs.” Justin takes over the podcast when it runs a bit too long. Michael follows up on an agreement. We ask for the teacher point of view on a recurring question. And we start a podcast feud. Join Logan next week for an awesome old-school interview!

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