"Dubais & Du-don'ts" (with Sheri LaBrant)


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Michael & Logan return to talk to Sheri LaBrant from Amazing Race 28 and get social! In this episode:

    How was Sheri cast? How obvious were the hashtags? What does Sheri know about Glozell? Did Sheri & Cole ever consider u-turning anyone? Did reputation play into Season 28? Why did Sheri & Cole work so well together? Which team was most underestimated? Why was Sheri’s bag so heavy? How much did everyone know about the lack of start line? Why did Sheri & Cole not have any taxi troubles? Did they ever think they had a chance in China? Who would Sheri race with in an all-star stranger season? What was the story with the Georgian car? Does Sheri have bad luck? How did Logan get into the 28 finale party? Are we right to be apprehensive to meet Joey Covino? We discuss Sheri & Cole’s record-breaking ways. Logan gets his facts wrong. What did leg money get spent on? Does everyone still keep in contact? Sheri tells us about the unaired penalty. Is there still a blanket ban on cursing? What is the story behind their intro shot? Were Blair & Brodie really a thing? Why did Dana & Matt dominate the final leg? Why was so much vitriol directed towards Dana? Does Sheri like snakes? What was the best moment of the Race? Who should return for an all-star season? We avoid being waterboarded when discussing one team. Were there any skirmishes with the law? How do security briefings happen? What is Sheri’s one regret? We share our waterslide stories. How mortifying were the Dubai swimsuits? Were there any linguistic advantages? We try and find a new Jack Shack. Did Sheri & Cole get a call for 31? Sheri faces the rapid fire questions. And what would consist of an Armenian Thanksgiving?

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