Them Bleksy Kids


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Michael, Anthony & Michelle return to recap the second episode of Hunted UK’s fourth series. In this episode:

    Would an Australian tradie hide a fugitive? Does Fugitive Nick hate us? Anthony gets a three-question exit interview. We give Hunter Doug the attention he so richly craves. We try and avoid a podcast feud. There’s a conspicuous absence in HQ, which gives us a hint for the extraction point. Did the editors change between last week and this episode?? Why do we never see couples on Hunted? Why do female fugitives never do well? We cross off a square on the bingo card. Can Michelle actually apply for Hunted? Why won’t certain people tweet us? The cliffhanger is resolved startlingly quickly. HQ finally give us a shoutout. There’s a live twitter answer to a question we raised last week. Michael spots a connection between series. How do you spot a winners’ edit? Who will actually feature next week? Two of us compliment Dr Donna. What is this series’ recurring motif? Is Sherlock ex-Special Forces? Michelle gets confrontational. Who is Hunter Mai? How do you clear your Google history? We ask for more soundbites. What would be the greatest side effect of everyone tweeting Doug? Someone tries to steal Sherlock’s title. Michael is disgusted. Do fugitives have to taunt HQ? How do fugitives get HQ’s address? Should you ever take a train? Michelle has some thoughts on wigs. Michael spots an error and says the nerdiest thing ever uttered on the podcast. How do you hide your identity on Hunted? We feel sorry for one of the camera crews. We revisit an old favourite from last year. Michael predicts a sequel. A classic pub quiz question appears. We all do some research and then issue a challenge. Does Bleks like hide & seek? Should Emma & Jess have accepted a phone? What code should you use on the run? Anthony has some rules for picking accomplices. We look for sponsors. Michael’s pronunciation is complimented. When is Michelle returning to the UK? Who will be caught next? Who will win? And does Michelle swear?

We’ll be back next week for more Hunted recaps – don’t forget to let us know your suggestions for the collective noun for a group of Hunters and Michael will be back on Wednesday for some Mole hunting!

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