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Hey - I’m Trent, your host of the Reel Turf Techs podcast. Have you ever found yourself asking, “is there a podcast that focuses on the equipment manager’s unique roles and challenges?” Have you wondered what the high-end course or the tech down the road does at their facility? Would you like to hear the latest tips and tricks from around the globe? And do you want to know where the industry is headed next, direct from equipment manufacturers? Then my friend, you’re in the right place. As you know, working in the shop can feel like a solitary pursuit. This podcast will connect you with other techs facing similar challenges and offer solutions, ideas and innovations. Hear from turf technicians, equipment manufacturers, and other industry leaders on daily issues faced by the turf tech and fun stuff like fabrication projects, side hustles and favorite tools. Hit subscribe and let’s get reel. Join the conversation @reelturftechs on Twitter or email me at

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