Episode 30: Earthworm Jim, Genesis Mini, New Nintendo Switch Models & Philly eSports Arena


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In this episode Rick and Sal are joined by Forkin and Smitty as they talk about the Sega Genesis classic Earthworm Jim in the Retro Replay. They also talk about the Sega Genesis mini, Google Stadia and the possible eSports Stadium coming to Philly in this months Boombox News. Enjoy the waves!

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Philadelphia Fusion eSports Arena

Google Stadia

Kotaku: New Nintendo Switch Models

Game Spot: Sega reveals Genesis mini

Earthworm Jim (Sega Genesis & Super NES)

Release Date

US & EU: 1994

Developer: Shiny Entertainment

Publisher: NA: Playmates Interactive

EU: Virgin Interactive Entertainment

Composer: Tommy Tallarico


Intro Music - Earthworm Jim Cartoon Theme

Music Break 1

New Junk City

What the Heck?

Down the Tubes

Retro Replay - Earthworm Jim

Music Break 2

Buttville - The Descent

Andy Asteroids?

For Pete's Sake

Boombox News - Video Game News

Outro - Last Wave

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