Episode 31: Disney's Aladdin, Detective Pikachu (SPOILERS), Sega Genesis Mini update & Final Fantasy VII remake


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In this episode, Rick and Sal are once again joined by Forkin to discuss the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive classic Disney’s Aladdin. The guys are also joined by Melanie at the top of the show to give their thoughts on the Detective Pikachu movie. WARNING - SPOILERS! Stay tuned for BOOMBOX News, where we dive into the updated games list for the Sega Genesis Mini, what's new in Super Mario Maker 2, the Final Fantasy VII remake, and more. Enjoy the Waves!

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Platform: Sega Genesis / Mega Drive

Release Date: November 11, 1993

Developer: Virgin Games / Disney Software

Publisher: SEGA

Composer: Donald Griffin & Tommy Tallarico


Intro Music: A Whole New World

Episode Overview

Detective Pikachu (SPOILERS)

Section 1 - Retro Replay

Section 2 - Boombox News

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  • Camel Jazz
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  • Retro Replay

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  • Boombox News - Video Game News

Outro Music: Outrun - Last Wave (GEN/MD)

* All music recorded from original gaming hardware *

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