RV Navigator Episode 143 - Inside Cuba


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A quick flight from Miami brought us to Cuba for a long planned 12 day tour of this forbidden island. We started in the East with our trip heading to Havana in the next week. I have been worried about the viability of the internet (Wifi) in Cuba, but have been pleasantly surprised. Not free, but fairly fast so it was worth the cost. As I write this, the actually podcast has been successfully uploaded, so only this linking file (XML) is necessary to make it active. This should not be a problem. We'll be sharing details of the trip over the next two episodes. It is different than we expected - and how? Well listen to this episode! and we'll tell you all about it.
We have had fun with our resident owl and the excellent photo opts provided. When we left you last, our owl was just hatching into a chick. Now after hundreds of photos, our owl is all most ready to fly. Cuba may have caused us to miss this big event. I have learned alot about wild bird photography in the last few weeks. One of the new essential tools is a flash extender. An inexpensive tool to give your flash more range.
Another happening this month was the first RV Navigator Potluck at TGO. Not only did we have TGO residence but listeners from other campgrounds joined in the fun. An evening of good fun and food. Thanks to everyone who planned and attended the event. We did have a RV Navigator Trivia contest with big prizes and 3 winners who know much more about our lives than we do! If you'd like to try your hand at the trivia questions, follow the link in the show notes.
On top of these topics we share some RV news stories and other topics of interest.
Next month we'll be on the road once again this time in Singapore. I assume that the internet will not be a problem, so the upload should be on time.

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