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Below is call itinerary that I will be be reviewing from the 4/24 call with the West End Real Estate Professionals. The call was an hour and twenty minutes, and I break it down to the best of my ability in just over 10 mins. Listen in and share your thoughts!
Topic: Virus Blues Into Opportunity Cues!

Coronavirus got you down? Yes, it’s a little scary right now. However, NOW is the time for Main Street real estate pros to double down and get organized, get focused, and show why boots-on-the-ground expertise is so invaluable. Becoming a beacon of hope, an activated voice, and ground central for calm in this crazy time of uncertainty sets up long-term opportunity after the crisis.

Aaron Norris has spent the last 30 days creating HOURS of content for his California network on the financial assistance programs available, eviction programs, and marketing ideas local real estate pros should employing NOW.

Join Us As Aaron Covers:

  • Updates to California transactions
  • Updates on which Wall Street competitors are out
  • Underground rumors of sectors in crisis and how help clients through the madness
  • Tracking federal, state and local responses
  • Helping clients through the crisis by providing resources
  • How to be relevant and not noise by using the right messaging
  • And, how NOT to communicate in times of crisis

Nearly 20 years ago, Ryan J. Orr was signing documents to refinance his home, when the escrow officer asked him why he was wearing a suit. It happened that Ryan was a recent college graduate on his way to a career fair. “Let me get the sales manager,” the escrow officer said. Ryan was hired 30 days later, and he says he has never looked back.

Ryan dedicated himself to learning his craft, and his new career took off. “I knew I could get away with not knowing a lot to start, but I needed to invest in my career and be educated to know as much or more than my clients — or if I didn’t know something, I wanted the resources to know who to turn to. So, I joined chambers of commerce, went back to school and took real estate classes, and got involved with leadership in local professional associations. For me, it became very personal, very quick.”

Taking a cue from his favorite sales trainer, Jeffrey Gitomer, who says that business cards are boring, Ryan created an alter ego called “The Title Guy.” This part mild-mannered businessman, part super-hero persona also had a slogan: “Whether you sell, buy or refi — specify The Title Guy.”

Today, Ryan is the face of “Team Title Guy” at Ticor Title in Ontario, where he serves the West End of San Bernardino County. His inside support is 25-year industry veteran Victoria Rebello, and together, they hold their spot among the top 5-10 percent in the nation. “Victoria is service- and solutions-oriented with a bubbly personality. At the volume we’re running, without her it would be almost impossible to get everything done in a day. Making sure you have the right people in the right seats is imperative to success at a high level. Ideally, in the next year, my goal is to get to the top 2 percent in the nation.”

Ryan J. Orr –

Vice President

Ticor Title
4120 Concours, Suite 400 Ontario, CA 91764

Tel: 909-767-0718


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