Ep 13: Lizzie Wann


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Though she humbly downplays it in the episode, Lizzie Wann was an integral part in bringing the slam poetry scene to San Diego it in the late 90s /early 2000s. She also was one of the first people to start a series of house concerts with local acoustic acts-- an event that paved the way for many similar series (some of which are still active today). Without Lizzie Wann, it’s hard to say what these scenes in San Diego would look like today. Ask around, you’ll find the same answer: she was a key member in making it all happen. She was in SD during the peek of its coffee house music scene, which gave her the perfect opportunity to start the Live Out Loud Series. Aside from reading some heart-wrenching poems, Lizzie talks about the spark that initially drove her to launch the literary and music projects that she did as well as where her relationships with poetry and music stand today. Though she’s not necessary rockin’ poetry slams (Lizzie was on the Laguna Beach team in 1999), she makes an effort to support what she essentially helped to create. Years later, she takes comfort in seeing some familiar faces still out there, and enjoys hearing fresh new talent carry on a continuingly thriving scene.

MUSIC: The music featured in this episode is “Fleur De Lis” by Berkley Hart, the folk duo staple of the house concerts Lizzie used to put on.

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