Ep 15: Adam Greenfield


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In this podcast episode with Adam Greenfield we get personal, which is fitting because his latest (and FIRST) book, Regarding the Monkey, is a collection of very personal and autobiographical poems. It’s a book edited and published by yours truly, Puna Press, so you know it’s void of any bullshit. And that is kind of Adam’s whole philosophy anyway. As he says in the episode, “you kind of reach a point in your life where you’re just like, fuck it.” Even though the therapeutical process of writing out an emotional story can be tough, Adam says that finding the actual words to describe how he’s feeling is easy. We also somehow get into conversation on the importance of wearing clean underwear everyday and how acceptable is it to be found naked in the middle of the street post earthquake or tornado. But it all relates (we swear!) back to the idea of writing without caution or fear that somebody is going to find it. The idea that you have to “just say it.” Which also ties nicely back to the title of this podcast. So it all wraps up in a weird angsty bow, placed on top of gift that is telling you life is short (really, it’s backed up by astrophysics) so seriously, go do something. You DO have a choice.

Adam’s book, Regarding the Monkey, is for purchase at punapress.com. His own podcast, Gutter Talk, which consists of incredible interviews with all different professionals in the comic book world, can be found at: http://www.makingcomics.com/guttertalk/ and he’s on twitter @SDGreeny

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