Ep 6: Rolland Tizuela


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Spoken word poet Rolland Tizuela tells the full story of how he went from backpacking across the Pacific Rim to founding the super rad art / poetry group, Glassless Minds (Try and figure that one out. Or just read about it on their Facebook page.) The story is part kismet (something about a disappearing guy with an espresso machine), part pure love (think secretly placing hand-bound poetry books into the shelves at Barnes & Noble), and includes Rolland’s own induction into the fascinating world of spoken word. Star Wars metaphors, 8 Mile references, and another bar. We talk about finding your own voice, and though Rolland came into slam poetry learning from some of the “heavy hitters” as he puts it, his own voice is loud and clear, and evident through the TRULY incredible poems he reads (and has memorized). Don’t miss this one. And stick around for – or at least skip ahead to – the Columbus poem at the end.

Glassless Minds: https://www.facebook.com/glasslessminds

Urban Spellbook: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7sUZutTAsdruOJM7AdMNtw/videos

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