Jake McEntire & Tanner Stine - Run the Race


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We think you're going to LOVE this chat! ... and the movie that comes out this weekend! So worth seeing. Jake McEntire (screenwriter/producer) and Tanner Stine (lead actor) have joined Executive Producers Tim & Robby Tebow to create the exciting and inspirational new film Run the Race. It’s a story about two brothers with an unbreakable bond facing unbelievable odds. Jake & Tanner join our carpool to chat about all that lead up to their 23-day filming - including a 14 year on-ramp, incredible provision, countless lessons on faith, friendship, hope, dreams and so much more. This chat not only offers personal inspiration but deep truth that informs all our lives. We hope that you will be encouraged, prompted to share with friends and - for goodness sake - that you will go see the movie with your family and friends. It's terrific! Video Link: https://youtu.be/c1Z3UVu0usY Jake McEntire was a movie-minded student at Dallas Baptist University in 2004 when he felt God leading him to write a film script. Thanks to prodding from a few friends — and lots of prayer — McEntire finally did so. McEntire’s 14-year-old screenplay becomes reality Feb. 22 when “Run the Race” is released in theaters. Former NFL and college football player Tim Tebow and his brother Robby served as executive producers, while Chris Dowling (Where Hope Grows) directed it. The WTA Group, a company that helped make “I Can Only Imagine,” and Roadside also was involved. Tanner Stine is an American actor from West Des Moines, Iowa living in Los Angeles, CA. He is known for his role as the young Tony DiNozzo on the CBS hit series "NCIS" as well as for his recurring role on Nickelodeon's "The Thundermans". His recent projects include feature films "Run", "Get Big" and "Indivisible". Tanner can also be seen in the upcoming YouTube Red series "Impulse", directed by Doug Liman and the new HBO show "Here and Now", written and directed by Alan Ball.

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