Practicing neighborly love with Sarah Harmeyer


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Sarah Harmeyer joins our carpool to chat about purpose, gifting and loving others - tapping into the beautiful way she (and all of us can) loves neighbors, meaning anyone we walk alongside in life. In 2011, Sarah Harmeyer set out to serve 500 people at a farmhouse-style cedar table in her Dallas backyard with a simple mission: to gather and love people. Sarah met her goal that year, and since then has served thousands of people at her original table. From that, she started a nationwide love-mission called Neighbor’s Table, and with her father has delivered handmade “Neighbor’s Tables” to homes across the U.S. To learn more and to connect with Sarah, visit [production note: please forgive & ignore the clunky background noise at the beginning of our chat; it fades after a brief while] SaySomething: a-come-as-you-are vodcast for walking life's roads (relationships, friendship, parenting, hardship, entertainment,...) together

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