SHIRO! SHOW NEWS #6 - April 26th, 2021


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Welcome to the SHIRO! SHOW! Week #6 news update! This week, we'll be discussing: - Omakase! Savers (feat. FilmCow). - SHIRO! Shorts: Heads of Saturn. - Hidden Palace posts Saturn prototype disc images. - Satiator ODE back in stock. - Magic Knight Rayearth’s 1997 Prototype showcase. - Virtual On #BestOfSaturn. - Alien Odyssey Source Code for Saturn Port Released. - SUPER POTATO opens International eBay Store. Originally premiered: April 23th, 2021 Follow us on our social media sites: Facebook:​ Twitter:​ Join our Discord to discuss translation patches, Saturn obscurities, and all things SEGA Saturn!:

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