Episode 58 - Good Grief: Leaning into the Now and Not Yet


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Season 4 | Episode 58 - Good Grief

Grief is the deep sorrow, anguish, and pain we feel after a loss or a death of a loved one. We all know it when it comes to us, in our hearts and in our bones. But, once we’re faced with that heaviness, what do we do with grief? How do we move forward with it or lean into it?

Host Gina Ciliberto and co-hosts Lindsy Wallace, Kayla Craig, and Alissa Molina talk about grief as it relates to the Upside Down Kingdom.

In this episode, we:

  • Define grief and what can be confused for grief
  • Explore what it means to hold grief or to feel deprived
  • Talk about Jesus’ weeping contrasted with today's world
  • Unpack how we balance grieving with “being okay”
  • Get creative in how we speak to or support people who are grieving

Join us as we walk through what it means to grieve as faith-based believers. May we be people who are eternally hopeful and lean into the Kingdom of here and not yet as we sit in our lamentations and in the unknowing, and to allow our neighbors the same grace.

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