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In this episode of “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia,” Lilian sits down with pop violinist, Youtube Star, singer, and songwriter, Lindsey Stirling. Lindsey has had her ups and downs in life and shares what it’s like BATTLING depression. She talks about the importance of practicing HAPPINESS and shares how she DEFEATED ANOREXIA. Lindsey is a master violinist but nearly lost her passion for it. As she takes us through her journey, she shares how she found it once again while playing in bands. She has been able to grow a HUGE following as a musician and talks about the creative process when it comes to her tours and music videos. She shares about going to school to become a director which allows her to be hands on with her massive YouTube channel. Her popularity would land her on Dancing With The Stars and Lindsey takes you behind the scenes on how she felt backstage right before performing in the finale. Find out how she became friends with her fellow Dancing with the Stars contestant, Nikki Bella and how she was able to connect with her. Lindsey also reveals what’s next in her already accomplished career and her answer will definitely SURPRISE you. Buckle up cause it’s about to get real, raw, and inspiring with Lindsey Stirling!

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