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On this episode of the “Chasing Glory Classics Series”, recorded in 2019, Lilian sits down with WWE Legend, former Women’s Champion, and the first 2021 WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Molly Holly where she talks about what she’s been up to since leaving WWE in 2005. Molly discusses the importance of having God in her life but how she has also been tested. She divulges into the relationship with her husband and gets extremely personal about his drug and alcohol addictions. She talks about his relapse during their honeymoon and how she relied on her strong faith while he was serving a prison sentence. Molly also opens up about her eating disorder for compulsive eating and her life changing experience that happened after visiting a drive thru that would allow her to get the help she needed. Molly also talks about why she feels like her wrestling career is completely finished and fulfilled. All this and so much more in this VERY heartfelt interview! It’s about to get real, raw, and inspiring with Molly Holly.

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