WKPWP - Mailbag on Intriguing WrestleMania Women's matches with disappointing build-up so far and more topics + 5 Yrs Ago Flagship Flashback


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PWTorch editor Wade Keller presents a Tuesday Mailbag edition of the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast along with a 5 Years Ago Flagship Flashback with Keller and Jason Powell from ProWrestling.net. The Mailbag includes a look at the intriguing WrestleMania Women's matches with disappointing build-up so far, whether there are too many wrestlers in WWE getting a ton of TV time while saying very little, the battle WWE faces with over-saturation and potential changes in the WWE Network offerings, plus more. Then in the 5 Years Ago Flagship Flashback, they discuss the ramifications of the Seth Rollins nude photo controversy, the Bryan-Reigns dynamic furthered, why characters come across so much better on Total Divas and NXT than Raw, Raw feeling much too long last night, and much more with live callers throughout show. Then in the previously-VIP-exclusive "Aftershow," Keller and Powell discuss NXT going on the road, Lockdown and TNA so far on Destination America, Alberto El Patron, WrestleMania 31 triple threat, and more as they answer email topics from members.

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