208 - German Metal Part 1


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German Metal Part One Dark Fortress “Venereal Dawn” Venereal Dawn 2014 (11:03) Talkset #1 Eïs “An Den Schwarz Besandeten Gestaden" Stillstand Und Heimkehr 2018 (13:00) Ascension “Ever Staring Eyes” Under Ether 2018 (5:39) Talkset #2 Ruins of Beverest “Exuvia” Exuvia 2017 (15:58) Deathrite “When Nightmares Reign” Nightmares Reign 2018 (4:54) Talkset #3 Excoriate “On Pestilent Winds…” On Pestilent Winds.. 2009 (5:57) 56:31 minutes of music

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