224 - Thrash Extravaganza #3: Whiplash Power and Pain


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Thrash Extravaganza #3: Whiplash Power And Pain 1986 “Power Thrashing Death” Power And Pain 1986 (4:13) T/S # 1 “Stage Dive” Power And Pain 1986 (3:10) “Red Bomb” Power And Pain 1986 (5:18) “War Monger” Power And Pain 1986 (3:17) “Spit on Your Grave” Power And Pain 1986 (2:48) T/S # 2 “Nailed to the Cross” Power And Pain 1986 (4:06) New Jersey seemed to produce a certain type of caustic, hyper-speed thrash that Whiplash's "Power and Pain" personified! Just the very title 'Power Thrashing Death' leaves no stone upturned with brutal vocals, relentless drumming and an evil Slayer-ish riff that puts a sinister grin on your face.

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