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Overview: In this episode Tina Greenbaum comes on the Think Bold, Be Bold Show! Tina Greenbaum, LCSW is an Optimal Performance Specialist, Holistic Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader. With over 35 years of experience, she helps CEO’s, leaders, and aspiring leaders to be the best they can be. She does this by guiding them to find their blind spots, both personally and professionally, and then teaching them how to get the best from the teams they lead. This ultimately leads them to happier employees, increased retention, and greater productivity. Using cutting-edge technologies, she combines the latest in neuroscience with ancient traditions of the East. She is the creator of the program Mastery Under Pressure, an executive coaching program that teaches Olympic-level mindset skills for peak performance in high-stakes and high-stress environments. Tune in to learn how you can become a more authentic, transparent leader that will result in a happier and more productive workforce for your team!
5 Golden Nuggets Shared:
  1. It’s important to pay attention to how your client feels. Try to take a step back and see the world in there point of view.
  2. In such a high paced society, it’s important for us to quiet our minds. Try a focused concentration method such as meditation. By doing this your body will quiet down so your mind can become clear.
  3. 5 tips for improving performance:
  • Learn how to focus.
  • Get yourself into a deep state of relaxation such as meditation.
  • Deal with your negative self talk and channel it into productive thinking.
  • Use your senses to create powerful visualizations, that way when you are walking into a situation you will know what to expect.
  • Find your fear, name it, than clear it.
4. Evaluate where your control is. Let go of what’s out of your control and focus on what's in your control.
5. Change starts with ourselves. If you want to change something, it has to start with you!
3 Bold and Kick-Ass Quotes:
  1. “I hear you but I don't feel you, and if I don’t feel you, your not going to change.” - Tina Greenbaum
  2. “Good mental health is not a natural sport, it’s a learned sport.” - Tina Greenbaum
  3. “You can do this, you can change.” - Tina Greenbaum

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