Escaping the CLICKSAND of Online Marketing with Bill Troy - Ep#114


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Overview: In this episode, we interview Bill Troy, CEO of Civilis Marketing and a natural-born contrarian. Bill shares with us his expertise and knowledge of 25 years in the market research space, with an emphasis in the online marketing world. Throughout the episode, Bill teaches you how to stand out in the marketing space and how to avoid falling into the trap of CLICKSAND, which is also the title of his new book! 5 Golden Nuggets Shared: 1. Beware of snake-oil pitches and recognize when you are being pitched this way. For these sales to happen 3 things must exist: a pain the suffer feels, a promise it can work, and plausibility of the story they are telling you. 2.There are four types of money you can get: your own, friends and family, investors, and customers. Out of the four types the best type of money to get is from your customers, if customers will pay you for it, you know your product or service is worthwhile. 3. If you are going to utilize tools in your business, ensure you know why you need that tool. If you can’t explain to yourself why you need it, you don’t need it yet. 4. Be cautious of automation and make sure you are focused on effectiveness and not just efficiency, one doesn’t always lead to the other. 5. Business is a two-way relationship that requires interactions. When people come to you with their needs, make sure you are providing that need while making them feel valued. 3 Bold and Kick-Ass Quotes: 1. “Money talks!” - Bill Troy 2. “If a customer will pay for it, it’s a winner!” - Bill Troy 3. “Use the Golden Rule as an actual, practical bit of instruction for yourself today.” - Bill Troy Click the hyperlink below to connect directly with Bill! Website: Click the hyperlink below to connect directly with us! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Sponsored by Mavericks Mastermind Until next time, Do Something Nice for Someone!
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