How to Become a Kick-Ass Thought Leader and Monetize Your Content Creation - Ep#113


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Overview: In this episode, we interview guest Peter Winick, Founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Peter works with 4 main groups of thought leaders: authors and speakers looking to take their business to the next level, elite academics experiencing an unexpected flood of positive attention, seasoned senior executives ready for their next phase in life, and boutique or mid-tier consultancies around the world. Throughout the episode, Peter shares how to become a successful thought leader by focusing on your job of content creation and letting others build your ideas and content into a business generating revenue streams. 5 Golden Nuggets Shared: 1. Author tip: The world needs a good book with a unique story, followed by a plan of action to get it out there. 2. The content business can be mediocre without the proper guidance. Peter’s clients bring him on board to help them thrive, not just survive. 3. Many people try to do everything and become overwhelmed with no results. Successful thought leaders focus on their job of creating the best content out there, sharing it in the best way possible, doing research, and serving their clients. 4. The key to making money in the content business is to ensure the client is getting more benefit than they are paying you for. 5. Honesty, self-awareness, and introspection are huge for success. People who are struggling usually have a hard time in these areas. Understand that it’s okay to get help with the areas you are lacking in. 3 Bold and Kick-Ass Quotes: 1. “Human nature is such because we all work hard and do the right thing, but we confuse activity with productivity.” - Peter Winick 2. “Not knowing the world you are in is a big mistake.” - Peter Winick 3. “I was smart enough to get people that are really gifted in a space that is a weakness for me personally to build out the capabilities of the team.” - Peter Winick Click the hyperlink below to connect directly with Peter! Website: Twitter: Facebook: Linkedin: YouTube: Click the hyperlink below to connect directly with us! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Sponsored by Mavericks Mastermind Until next time, Do Something Nice for Someone!
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