Java, Blues and Tomitribe


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An conversation with David Blevins (@dblevins) about:
Atari 800, then Atari 2600, playing Pitfall!, enjoying Apple II, enjoying the M.U.L.E. game, the creative art kid, working at Public-access station, making special effects with Amiga 500, the Monday the 13th horror movie, specializing on make-up, halloween was a working day, the amazing B.B. King, learning blues, studying psychology, going to Ecuador, going to Brown College in Minnesotta, hitting a truck with a mini van, a nice truck driver, starting the iWeb company, working with Apple, developing websites with HTML and JavaScript, 80k salary for a Java developer in 1998, learning Java 1.0 in a week, working as Java consultant, working on Visual Basic and Java integration, writing a web server, hotsite, Silverstream, Jigsaw, working with NorthWest Bank with Swing and CORBA backend, using visigenics ORB, the power of source code, using com.sun.swing, the cancellation of a 35 million project, writing JDBC drivers for PostgreSQL, generating code in bash and Pearl,

David Blevins on twitter: @dblevins and David's company: tomitribe

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