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No player better represents the ‘earn your edge’ philosophy than Matthew Fitzpatrick.In this chat, he shares his sophisticated and detailed approach to improvement. Matt is the 20th ranked golfer in the world, five-time European Tour winner, U.S. Amateur champion, and Ryder Cup player. He has accomplished a great deal in his young career and talks about his mindset and processes used to make his golf game even better.


  • Origin Story: Fitzpatrick family produces two world-class, high-performance players
  • Two Sides to Golf: Technical and course management
  • Siblings as a Facilitator to Success: Supportive sibling or sibling rivalry relationship?
  • Leveling Up: Nature versus nurture to step up, succeed, and win with confidence
  • Fade and Fairway: Fade here, there, everywhere on straight and narrow courses
  • Driving Accuracy: Develop distance through technical changes and sustain superpower of accuracy
  • Structure: Once you turn pro, you’re on your own, so stop and take some notes
  • Coping Strategies: Under pressure, still able to deliver by believing in yourself

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