Parenting Guide: Organizing Habits Made Easy


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Parenthood is challenging enough as it is, and getting organized sounds easier said than done. Now, combine these 2 together and it’s truly a balancing act that many of us struggle with day in day out. If you’re here, it ’s because you want to know how to get your life and home more organized and structured where the kids are involved too - so that parent-life can be a little easier and focused on what truly matters. The Parenting Guide: Organizing Habits Made Easy was created because parents are busy and have their hands full. And time isn’t always on our side when it comes to learning, reflecting and applying the things that will change our lives for the better. Dianne's here to keep you company while you’re tidying up, on the road between activities or just working on you! Each week she'll talk about all things organizing our life and home with the added touch of involving the kids too. From how-to's to personal experiences, what works in her home and with clients, getting insight from the industry and definitely answer questions from you; Parents who are trying to raise some awesome, capable humans out into this world. Thank you for being here and joining this community for parents . See you in the next episode!

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