A Spell For Winter - An Original Musical for Basic Wizards


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Merry Christmas from Shadeaux Public Radio and the Shadeaux Bros! A SPELL FOR WINTER is our 10th Christmas Album, but our first full original musical (!). Cast WINTER, a struggling wizard focused on the difficult study of magic : AMY COENEN KILOMETER FOX, her familiar : JONATHAN SPARKS MARWICK, a classmate - DUSTIN AH KUOI SUMTER, a classmate : REBEKAH LEE VENN, a classmate : MATT HARDY HELONA, a classmate : JORDAN RICHEY A GHOST : JOSH DARNELL Location The ARCANE CITY of LORE Time FIFTH TURN Deep abiding thanks to our cast who mobilized for us with almost zero notice and delivered such great performances. This could not have happened without them. They are simply amazing. Music: Jonathan Sparks Book & Lyrics: G. Derek Adams Sound Design & Production: Jonathan Sparks PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/shadeaux SUPPORT:https://www.shadeauxpublicradio.com/support/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShadeauxRadio

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