Walmart Knowingly Sells A Fatal and Toxic Product to Consumers


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Every day in America people die from adverse side effects when food, drug and dietary supplement manufacturers knowingly fail to give adequate warnings on their labels Walmart, GanedenBioTech, Iovate Health Sciences and MuscleTech continue to place iron toxic products into the stream of commerce without any warnings about iron toxicity. For more than two years, Walmart has knowingly sold a fatally iron toxic product to consumers without giving any warnings about its toxic levels. The products contains about 200% of the daily dosage of iron recommended for usage. Walmart has knowingly hide the toxic iron levels from its consumers. As Walmart Stores continues to impact cities across the country and tries to enter the New York City market, it continues to distribute products by GanedenBioTech, and Iovate MuscleTech that causes fatal reactions to its iron content. Therefore, the public is asked to come forward with any information relating to the use of these products and Walmart is asked to recall the products.

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