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Trained as an electrical engineer but with a passion for music Mike Piera aka Analog Man is the perfect guide to the extremely dense world of effect pedals. He started by repairing desirable vintage pedals which led him to modifying, reproducing, and eventually manufacturing his own line of Analog Man Pedals. We visited with Mike in early March 2020 for this SLN podcast where we discuss the ever expanding world of effect pedals. His shop-office is a veritable museum of vintage pedals and musical ephemera. It is also the production line for his Analog Man line of pedals. Let’s describe Analog Man pedals as “Bespoke” which means “Made to Measure”. Analog Man doesn’t build them until they are ordered. “Snake Oil” and “B S” are rampant in this corner of the music industry but Mike is a straight shooter who knows his subject and tells it like it is. You’ve been warned his pedals are highly addictive.

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