Archie League Awards, October 6, 2019 S8-E4


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Since 2004, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) has been recognizing its members for extraordinary performance in turning a potentially bad situation into a "non-event". Or as they call it, "A Save". Named after the first Air Traffic Controller, The Archie League Medal of Safety awards are announced each September to controllers across the various regions in the US. See the link below.

The award winners commonly remark, they were just doing their job. While true, no one can argue with the positive results they achieve in the face of impending disaster. It's noteworthy that it goes beyond situational awareness and the ability to solve complex problems in the face of a ticking time clock. Being able to communicate as a reassuring voice to a distressed pilot cannot be overstated. On this week's episode of SimpleFlight Radio, join Marc and Brandon as they listen to multiple replays of the radio transmissions between ATC and pilots. It's no surprise there is plenty to learn from these examples, which leads to an informative discussion between our co-hosts.

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