Shigusted with the Cheeto-In-Chief with The Pregame Podcast


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This week we're joined by fellow comics and podcasters from The Pregame Podcast, to partake in some good old local camaraderie of drinking, fighting, and swearing at each other loudly from across the room. We touch lightheartedly on a myriad of topics such as the pwesident serving hamburters, The Government Shutdown, the threat level of Baby Nation, the Spectrum of Fuck-Boyness (and where we all fall along that spectrum), and much more.
The Pregame Podcast consists of Wole Akinbi (@wodoesstandup), Breanna (@bbritto), and their Acolyte, Alex Iovino (@elnatur_al) who co-hosts a podcast called The Downcity Podcast on Stitcher.
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