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DrDebzz Opening Shpiel
The greatest need of human beings is to love and be loved. We cannot live without love. Babies die if they're not held. Most people pick out only a few folks upon whom to lavish their love. What if we learned to love everybody more, recognizing it doesn't mean we will love the few any less.
The more love you give the more love you have. It's time to freely give your love to everyone you encounter. Certainly now in this
era of strife tragedy separation discrimination conflict war, it behooves you to emanate and illuminate love to all living things, including animals and plants.
Even if love is rejected you've got to pick yourself up by your bootstraps, continuing on your journey to spread love wherever you are. Earth's existence depends upon it.

Guest Caller
After being disowned by her family for differing religious beliefs, Heidi has learned to practice forgiveness. She's involved in a movement of unity through film projects, hoping to bring America back together again.
Write In Question

Phyllis from Rough and Ready asks: I meet a lot of men who have great potential but after a few dates I start picking them apart, looking for things that are wrong. I'll stop seeing them for minor reasons, like they didn't respond to my call immediately or didn't see me on a Saturday night, chosing to be with friends instead. I get scared when it actually seems like something might become long term. How can I stop self-sabotaging and give these guys a chance?

Weekly WOW (Words of Wisdom)
“It is good to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked, through understanding." - Kahlil Gibran
Confidence Boosters/Esteem Builders
I freely give out of abundance that is within me.
I am a loving, generous, and kind person.
As I give, I freely receive the universal abundance.
I have a wonderful capacity for living, loving, and giving.
I give and receive with joy.
Featured Artist
Songstress, Mandy Kemp, in a Live Phone Interview reveals the meaning of music in her life, advice for aspiring artists, what she thinks is the key to finding and keeping love, plus much more. Hear Mandy sing "Lost Mind" (Percy Mayfield) accompanied by David Scott Cohen, piano; Kirsh, bass; Chris Wabich, drums.
Mandy brings "sass, soul, and sultry sophistication to the music she performs - whether it's Great American Songbook, contemporary Jazz, or crossover Pop."
Stay tuned for Mandy's debut album, "Firecracker Jazz," produced by Grammy nominated jazz vocalist and all around maestro, Jane Monheit. Don't miss her CD release concert on March 6, 2019 Upstairs at Vitellos in Studio City. Tickets:
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