Limitations Of Online Relationships With Aaron Kelsay


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“We have to attend to what’s lost when we make changes, even when the changes are good.” At the onset of the Corona Virus, the counseling community migrated en masse to providing primarily, and sometimes exclusively, telehealth services. Rhys Pasimio and Aaron Kelsay reflect on this transition, what our therapeutic relationships have gained, and what we have lost. This episode of SMART Counsel features the following professionals: Rhys Pasimio – Aaron Kelsay – Please visit to learn how you can support the podcast. Thanks! The Master’s in Counseling program at Multnomah University and New Pattern Counseling present this podcast as a resource for aspiring and current professionals, as well as members of the greater community. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of Multnomah University or its faculty or New Pattern Counseling.

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