Understanding Tax Laws Can Help You With Investing Decisions


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A recent tax bill was signed into law in July 2019 and it serves as a reminder that understanding taxes is an important aspect to planning your retirement. Knowing how much of your money will be yours when you decide to access it will determine how much you actually need. On this episode, we discuss this tax law and answer a few questions sent to us.

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Take a look at the full rundown below:

0:26 – Matt discovers goat yoga.

3:30 – On July 1, the Taxpayer First Act was signed. How did we get here?

4:09 – What the act does for you?

5:18 – No one is talking about this but it’s huge.

5:45 – Listener question: Just heard a presentation on oil well investing and I’m ready to jump right in. I want to make sure I’m not making a mistake.

8:10 – Client question: Am I going to be okay when I retire in seven years?

10:18 – The other common questions we get when someone is preparing for retirement,

13:53 – Why keeping up on tax laws is so important for investing.

15:10 – Listener question: I’ve enjoyed growth in my 401(k) but get the feeling I should capture my gains and take some risk of the table. What do you think?

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