3rd and 4th Quarter Financial To-Do List


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We’ve already rolled into the third quarter of the year and that presents us with a great opportunity to evaluate our portfolio. Giving your plan a check-up will help keep it on track headed towards your goals so use this checklist focus on the most important questions.

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Today's rundown:

0:35 – Introducing today’s topic.

2:30 – Understanding where we’re putting our money in a company plan.

3:15 – Ask if your company has a Roth 401(k) option.

4:41 – First thing we’re taking a look at.

4:57 – How Matt is investing right now based on current tax code.

5:21 – The difference in a Roth IRA vs Roth 401(k)

6:34 – Second thing to check: what allocation options are available to you and what are you currently in. Is your risk level where it should be?

7:46 – Next item: Is it time to rebalance the portfolio?

9:15 – Next item: What is your tax return going to look like at this point?

11:05 – Another thing: Is there opportunity for Roth conversion? An explanation follows.

12:05 – The difference between contribution versus conversion.

12:59 – In addition to the rebalancing, you want to try and take advantage of tax lost harvesting.

14:09 – Do you know what your Social Security estimate is? What about your pension if you have one?

16:01 – Understand the difference between good debt and bad debt with some examples.

18:39 – Reviewing your mid-year checklist.

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