Episode 145: Steve Austin's 1997


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Steve Austin set the wrestling world on fire in 1998 but it almost didn't happen. Join Bruce and Conrad as they examine the most pivotal year of Austin's career up to that point, 1997. From winning the Royal Rumble, the incredible Final Four match, the unbelievable WrestleMania match with Bret, the rumor and innuendo about the blood in that match, why Shamrock was involved, the PPV main event title shot against Undertaker that is rarely discussed, the final match of the Austin-Bret trilogy on PPV, the reasoning behind inserting Shawn Michaels into the equation, the tag title run, Canadian Stampede, the SummerSlam match with Owen that changed everything, the fallout of the injury, the way his relationship with Owen changed, how he felt about Owen 3:16, what the doctors were telling him about his neck, the biggest (and worst) stunner ever, the first Rock-Austin match on PPV, why the Intercontinental title changed hands the way it did, and more!

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