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Follow @mursetcarolyn Hello, and welcome! You’re listening to Song Stories, Quiet Stories. This podcast Episode, The Temple and the Ledger, is number seven in the series from the new musical, Tales of Tila. I am your host, Carolyn Murset. My special guest, Grandma Tila will arrive any minute now, so if you haven’t yet listened to the earlier episodes in this series, it might be a good idea to do that now, then come back. No worries if you don’t listen in order. The stories might make more sense if you did though. Many thanks to those of you who have already sent me your story contributions. Don’t be surprised if they show up in a later episode! Are you listeners ready to get your Spanglish on? Hola! This is Tila Miera Trujillo. What are some of the ways that you communicate with your family and friends when you are not standing right in front of of them? I’m not talking about yelling at each other from across the room, or the yard. And don’t tell me you write messages on paper airplanes and fly them to each other. Don’t be silly. I’ve heard that your telephones nowadays are really fancy and are NOT connected to the wall? I…. don’t believe everything I hear. Listen now and find out how Trujillo and I left messages for each other. Find out who drove me and the kids who were still living at home the eleven hour journey to Mesa, Arizona, and how long it took my stubborn viejo to change his mind about going there with me. What is the longest you’ve had to wait for a loved one or friend to change their mind about something worthwhile that you really wanted them to do. What? You’re still waiting? Don’t lose hope. Closing Tag: You’ve just listened to the last scene of Tales of Tila. Don’t be sad! La Carolina is gathering more stories and tales from my grandchildren and other relatives, and we’ll be back to tell and sing them to you. I hope they’re true and flattering, though. Do you want to hear my earlier musical stories? Maybe you’ve missed a few episodes of this, what is this thing that you’re listening to called? A podcast? La Carolina would be so grateful if you’d listen to them! This is what you should do- she wants you to subscribe, either here, or at iTunes or Google Play. (Sometimes I feel like I’m speaking a foreign language.) That little square photo of me on the store page is a good one, isn’t it? That was taken when Nora was a baby. My hair is combed, nicely, and I’m pretending she isn’t screaming her head off while my mother bounces her, off to the side of that backdrop, because six year old Lula took away her rattle. I tell you, these kids. Hasta luego. Until later! You've just listened to Song Stories, Quiet Stories podcast, Episode 7, The Temple and the Ledger, from the new musical, Tales of Tila. Contact me and let me know how you’re doing with the writing prompts. You can find them in bold lettering in the notes for this episode and the others here at “”. Subscribe to this podcast, and check out my events page. Thanks for listening. Thanks for writing. This is your host, Carolyn Murset, aka, la Carolina.

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