Best College Savings & Funding Options (Pt 2 of 2) with Eric Zheng, Arun Mani, & Edvard Janvier


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In this Part 2 of our podcast, Eric, Arun & Edvard Janvier continue diving into a hot topic of #BestCollegeSavingsOptions, explaining nuances, critical #DecidingFactors as well as #FAQs people continue to ask on #CollegeFunding and #529, Life Insurance, UGMA, UTMA, ESA. Additionally their insightful thoughts and takeaways on why becoming financially literate on this topic is critical at earlier ages are truly calls-to-action!

You can check out Part 1 of this podcast of this pod where we introduce 529, Life Insurance, UGMA, UTMA, ESA and go through Pros, Cons, Benefits, Drawbacks.

Our panel consists of 3 charismatic, thoughtful gentlemen:

  • Eric Zheng: a very detail-oriented Financial Professional, dad of 3 boys and speaks English, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Arun Mani: strategist, trader, investor with passion for helping people gain financial literacy; and dad of 2 girls and speaks English, Hindi and Tamil.
  • Edvard Janvier: Husband, Dad of two girls and minister; shepherding people both spiritually and financially and fluent in English, French, Haitian Creole

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